In 2001 owner Ed Giunta purchased the retail store "The World of Knives" in Albuquerque, New Mexico which featured an in store blade sharpening service. After the tragic events of 911, retail sales declined drastically and forced the business to depend on  sharpening revenue to keep the 40 year old store afloat. Maintenance of knives and scissors expanded to household tools as well as precision beauty and barber shears. The value provided by expert honing of blades that people depend on drove the business forward during very tough economic times. 

It was at this time that The World of Knives began in earnest the development of an accurate repeatable system for properly sharpening blades for residential customers and commercial alike. 

The In House Edge, LLC started in 2013 when the owner of the largest chain of ACE Hardware stores in Connecticut asked for the personal training of the his sales staff in the art of blade sharpening. This would allow customers to stay in the store and shop while their blades were efficiently being attended, as well as keep the revenue in the register that normally went to the local pick up and drop off sharpening service. While successfully providing consistent training for the staff as needed, we realized the essential techniques used should be incorporated into a precise power tool. We decided to build the perfect machine

for the retail hardware industry based on 19 years of sharpening experience and research. One that standardizes ease, safety, accuracy, and efficiency.

The In-House Edge, LLC, is a proud US manufacturer

of powered grinding equipment that allows

for the maintenance of blades, tools, and machined parts.  

We are dedicated to building machines 

which meet the highest standards

of sharpness and finish by applying proper technique

with the correct abrasive grit and speed. 


The In-House Edge is committed to developing effective, profitable products that benefit their partners as well as the customer. Through research, testing, and custom fabrication,  our products stand out from the competition.


We look forward to connecting with you to determine how our machines can serve you and your industry.