PBM4 Features

Angle Guide

Our patented angle guide allows the sharpener to keep a consistent 15, 22.5, 30 or 45 degree angle when grinding on blades. 

Rail Guide

This smooth rail guide makes sure that the horizontal movement across the abrasive belt is uniform and consistant. 

Speed Controller

Removing too much metal or overheating a blade is never an issue with a precise speed controller. A servo motor will respond with more power as you apply pressure.

Tracking Knob

Adjust the belt tracking easily with a small knob at the top of each feed wheel. This prevents slippage and keep the belts running straight.

Tension Arm

Depressing the tension knob releases the pressure against the belt which makes changing belts a snap. 

(click on image to play video)

Articulating Arm  

An articulating arm is a great tool to use to keep a uniform angle, while simulating the free-handed technique of most professional sharpeners

Standard Vice

The standard size vice hold most knives and scissors. The foam inserts protect from any marring of the steel.

Heavy Duty Vice

Mower blades and hatchets are clamped perfectly with this large tool holder. 

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Serrated Sharpening Wheel

Bread knives will lose their serrations over time. Once thought useless and in need of replacement, they can now be brought back to life.